First snows arrive; with avengance !

First snows arrive; with avengance !

If you are lucky enough to have your very own tractor do come and see us this weekend. Sadly if you haven’t … you can’t !

All our little piggies are snuggly and warm in their freshly strawed down arcs.

Martin the donkey in incandescent with rage that I have lost his sledge.

Bugatti the baby donkey is busy making a snow donkey only no one seems to know where the carrot for the nose has disappeared to !

Pinot Noir and Syrah; two Dartmoor Pony fillies awaiting transport to their new owners have made a cosy new house for themselves against the blizzards in an old garden shed.

Just waiting for the butcher to be given a lift up the hill on a tractor to come and make sausages for our normal Monday deliveries.

So, do your worst Mr. Snow … life goes on for the folks on the moors.


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