Hawking on Dartmoor

Hawking on holiday at holwell dartmoor

We specialise in Hawking & Falconry;

We can offer you a unique Hawking/Falconry experience with magnificent Birds of Prey; Holwell Farm sits in a 500 acre island of wild, untamed Dartmoor surrounded by the famous Hay Tor, Hound Tor and Ripon Tor with the Becka Valley carving it's route through the mire. The terrain here is perfect flying territory for Birds of Prey who revel in the thermals and rich hunting habitat.

Teaming up with well respected Falconers George and Elaine Hedges of Devon's Eagles, Holwell is able to offer a unique selection of Flying Experiences. Whether this is something you would like to try for the first time or if you would like to become proficient in handling your own bird(s), there are courses or trips available to suit all requirements.

Also, for a special occasion, why not consider a Falconry Display with viewer interaction; this is really very popular.

You can choose from half or whole days, courses etc. For something really exhilerating, why not try Flying with Eagles where you can observe these magnificent creatures in the stunning scenery of the open moor.

That people have said about the experience...

"The most amazing experience I have ever had, the day beat all expectations by far, I cant wait to come back. The food was mouth watering and finished the day perfectly" Tim Sutton, Twickenham
"Before we went on our course with Devons Eagles my wife was, how can I put it? Petrified about birds, we did this course to see if we could help her with her fears, by the end of the day she was flying 'Giga' a Harris hawk all on her own" Ian Gillies, Southampton
"What a great course, I'd always been interested in Birds of Prey and wanted to learn more about them. Thought I may hold a couple of birds and see them fly but it exceeded all my expectations when I had a Bald Eagle flying to my glove" Lee Haddin, Birkenhead
We specialise in offering a variety of activities from Holwell including Hawking & Falconry
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